Wedding Photojournalism at Cheringworth Manor | Aidan & Lucinda

What a delightful little wedding! Aidan and Lucinda’s exceptionally relaxed and pleasant wedding took place in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire on a particular cold winter’s day!

I document a lot of small, intimate weddings over the winter months and absolutely love them. Because of the bitter cold the venues keep the fires continuously stoked and the champagne (or mulled wine) flowing, everyone’s nice and warm and snuggly and it always makes for a superb atmosphere to create documentary wedding photography.

It was particularly low light during this wedding and I know a lot of brides planning their winter wedding become very concerned that wedding photographers won’t be able to work in such conditions. I personally embrace the low light, I find images often possess considerably more emotion and evoke a stronger reaction, yes there’s a little more noise or grain if you will, but there’s just so much more character.

Just a few favourites from this intimate little wedding day in Gloucestershire.