Documentary wedding photography at The Savoy Pier

Venue: Savoy Pier, London

"The ability to be in the now, the present moment, to celebrate life, aliveness, this moment.


Not in search for some other moment that's more stimulating, more interesting. Some other moment that offers you more than this moment.

The pull towards the next moment is part of the collective conditioning of the human mind. A psychological need to feel the next moment.

The inability to be at home in the now, all there ever is, life itself. The inability to be at home with the present moment.

Humans have lost the ability 'to be'. So lost in 'doing', so lost in past and future, so lost in thought, because that's all that past and future are; thought forms and mind structure. Nobody has ever touched the past or met the future. Yet humans live as if it were more important than the present moment.

Of course, it's a form of madness but nobody questions it. What it boils down to is, people get lost in thought."

Eckhart Tolle - Philosopher

To create Amy and Drew's wedding reportage in London, I documented their day at several different locations. It started with the wedding preparations at the Four Seasons Hotel on Canary Wharf before boarding the ferry and heading for Savoy Pier where we embarked on a fabulous trip along the Thames.

Eckhart Tolle's philosophy is a beautiful distillation of how I strive to approach my work, if only I had the words to express the sentiment. I totally recognise the importance of living for the moment. Continually looking to document that 'moment' accurately and appreciating what's unfolding before me is essential, for my customers and for me.