Documentary Wedding Photography in Bristol

I documented Anne Marie and Andrew's intimate little wedding in and around the city of Bristol on a particularly rainy afternoon! However, despite the temperamental weather it was a very satisfying day for reportage wedding photography.

I also got to work in perhaps one of the most spacious churches in the area, Cathedral Church St Peters St Paul is quite simply enormous. Fortunately Father Chris was completely happy with me moving carefully throughout the proceedings in order to create a bit of variation.

He's also the first Father to request my business cards!

After their catholic service, we headed over to Thornbury Castle for a charming candlelit wedding reception.

With the help of Ian Jeffrey, a talented Welsh photographer and friend of a groom I photographed early last year at The Matara Centre, I documented Anne Marie and Andrew's wedding day.

After researching photographers across the country, Allister was the informed choice.

My Husband and I are not good with the posing aspect of photography and needed to heavily rely on Allister to capture the priceless moments of our wedding day. Allister has an amazing ability to blend in and we were largely unaware of his presence.

Allister is at his best when left to capture the natural reportage photographs and it's these that we shall treasure most.

We wish him continued success and are forever indebted to him for documenting our wedding with such emotion.

Anne Marie and Andrew Bostock

Here are just a few of my favourites from this little wedding.