Babington House Wedding | Georgina & Anand

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Georgina and Anand, together with their lovely family and friends, over three days of celebrations at Babington House in Somerset. Georgie planned the entire thing from New York, which, factoring in time differences and work commitments, is no mean feat!

Day one involved sensitive photography of a very intimate Hindu wedding ceremony and meal with the couple’s nearest and dearest.

Wedding portrait Babington House
Indian Wedding ceremony at Babington House
Wedding confetti throw
Wedding meal babington House
wedding speeches babington house
wedding toasts babington house

Working with Allister was just an absolute joy and we really could not have asked for a better photographer to capture our wedding celebrations. We think what makes him stand out above the rest and the reason we fell in love with his work, before we even saw our own pics, is that he captures not just what is happening but how it feels when it is. When we shared the pics with my mum, she had a simple statement which captures his magic; "there were so many moments I didn't even know happened until I saw his pictures - he just captured the heart of the day in all its smallest moments'“.

Day two was the civil ceremony element, with the marriage taking place on the beautiful lawns at Babington House. This was swiftly followed by a charming champagne drinks reception, speeches and dancing.

We were nervous about wedding photography, the fear of loving the day and then not the pictures. How wrong were we. You cannot dislike real and Allister captures authentic, honest and vulnerable emotion. When we poured through the pictures, it was like we were reliving the most intimate and meaningful parts of our wedding. Allister blended into the crowd, silently and quietly creating his art and we are so lucky to have found him. These aren't pictures - they are memories and he managed to capture the entire spirit of the wedding.

The following day I documented a short wedding brunch and heartfelt speech from Georgie’s brother, accompanied by all of the guests that stayed at Babington the previous night. Within a couple of hours, everyone was sending off the couple to their amazing honeymoon in Capri, Italy!

Babington House front
Babington House Wedding Brunch food
Babington House Wedding Brunch
Babington House Wedding Brunch display
Babington House Wedding Brunch speech
Babington House Wedding Brunch toasts
Babington House wedding couple leaving

It is also worth mentioning that he effortlessly navigated timeline, events and families and really listened to our concerns, questions and comments! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We cannot recommend him more highly - we have a sneaking suspicion this will not be the last thing he photographs for us and our wider family. We would be honored to work with him again.

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