Bespoke One to One Tuition for Wedding Photographers

It's been another successful day of one to one tuition, this time I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Chris Seddon - a pro wedding photographer who travelled down from Derby to spend the day fine tuning his approach to very specific areas of his business.

Rather than researching into tuition courses that only offer a very general 'leaf through', Chris was keen to have his tuition focus on key areas that he felt he needed more comprehensive and targeted advice on.

Predominantly, Chris wanted to improve the narrative and storytelling aspect of his documentary wedding photography; to strengthen his hit rate of significant storytelling images and to not just settle for taking the odd great photograph here and there - as do many wedding photographers. Documenting the entire wedding effectively and consistently, throughout each of the many chapters of the day, is what makes a good documentary wedding photographer reliable. There are strong techniques to abide by in order to ensure you do all you can to achieve this.

A lot of time was spent discussing workflow or more, having a highly productive series of workflows. 'Workflow' is an incredibly general term that covers an array of business chores in a variety of methods - all requiring a different set of actions.

The most obvious of these action sets is backing up, editing and post production. But really, these actions, or chores, start much earlier. Take the management of enquiries and quotations for instance, so easy to neglect but so critical to the success of your business. Workflows continue long after the wedding too such as marketing techniques that ensure the images continue to work for you rather than just being stored, not forgetting general customer care.

By being highly productive within each workflow you can free up valuable time that could be spent building other areas of your business. A productive and efficient workflow ultimately keeps you in control of your business, even in the most chaotic of months.

This is a typical example of how our one to one wedding photography tuition sessions could help.

Sessions are held during the week with slots available from Monday 21st November 2011.

The location for all tuition is Alexandra House Hotel in Wroughton, a fully equipped four star hotel and conference centre just minutes from junction fifteen of the M4.

Sessions run from 09.00 to 15.00 and include ongoing refreshments. The session will conclude over a three course buffet served in the restaurant.

The price for the day is £449 and includes refreshments, lunch, a £149 booking fee and VAT (so for VAT registered companies, or ones planning to become VAT registered, it works out at £374).

To book your one to one tuition session, which can focus on any areas of your business, simply get in touch:

07971 29 07 43