David & Katy's wedding in London

I documented David and Katy's London wedding recently at some incredibly memorable venues.

My reportage wedding photography coverage started at The Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road for Katy's bridal preparations, the Winter Garden Restauraunt in The Landmark is a truly spectacular sight with its huge glass ceiling many feet above the tables.

The wedding ceremony took place at Old Marylebone Town Hall and Katy and David's civil ceremony ran without a hiccup. This is much thanks to perhaps the most laid back registrars I've ever worked with, it's true to say I've never had an issue documenting a ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, so why do other registrars in many of the more rural parts of the country get their knickers in such a twist? If you're in the planning stages of your London wedding, please be sure to ask your registrars what their policy is on wedding photography as some won't allow any photographs to be taken other than mockups, which completely defeats the purpose of authentic documentary wedding photography!

We arrived at 11 Cavendish Square mid-afternoon, this place oozes class and elegance, it also has exceptional available light thanks to the large orangery.

I find reportage wedding photography in London at its best when you're forced to be on foot; there was no way I would drive to these three venues, I just wouldn't take the risk. It was tube and cab throughout the day. But because of this type of city travel it's in your favour to only carry the necessary equipment.

This not only frees you up physically but also, because you have fewer options than you would perhaps have if you were driving, your focus turns even more to image creation and quality. This is one of the reasons I'm so fond of city weddings and I'm off to do another in the next few hours, only this time it'll be an Indian-Chinese wedding at Number 4 Hamilton Place in Mayfair.

To be blogged soon...

In the meantime, below are my very favourite London reportage wedding photographs from David and Katy's well planned day.