Documentary wedding Photography Devon | Giles & Jessica

Giles and Jessica's beautifully rural and traditional wedding took place in and around the village of Chagford, an area of stunning countryside in the heart of Dartmoor. Their entire wedding day was great to cover with several locations and a variety of environments combined with superb light and vibrant characters to document. This was a true low light wedding, if you're considering a marquee wedding in the winter, perhaps look into hiring a white rather than a black one!

That said, even though it was a particularly challenging environment to work in with the cameras at their limits, it was incredibly rewarding.

Like all of my documentary weddings, I split my day into several key chapters, this assures consistency within each chapter which then in turn creates a much stronger body of work when these chapters come together during the edits.

Although I've refined the images below to just my very favourites, it still gives you an insight into how I approach these chapters and where I feel they should start and stop.

Photographing in these bite-size chunks enables you to truly focus on the moment itself and work 'in the now'. Images are therefore considerably more in-tune with these key periods of the day which often possess hugely different atmospheres; making images that reflect people's emotional state and ultimately giving your customers a truly accurate record of their day.