London Zoo Wedding | Holly & Al

Sorry for not replying straight away, we got a bit carried away showing family over the weekend!

:) :)

Thank you so much for the wedding photographs - we are incredibly happy with them!!!

They capture the atmosphere and tell the story of the day perfectly. Super happy!

Holly & Al

london zoo wedding

This was my first wedding at ZSL London Zoo and what a fun one it was! Despite, probably, the most rainfall in any given afternoon of the summer descending on us. It really didn't matter, these two were just amazing to work with. 

A lot of couples really worry about a rainy wedding day and whilst I totally understand the reasons why, some of my favourite weddings have taken place on a rainy day in the summer. It's always interesting to see how quickly social boundaries are broken down between strangers as a consequence of being forced to mingle in often tighter environments under cover, I’ve always noticed it actually helps create a really warm and friendly atmosphere to work in, quicker! 

Loved every minute of this wedding, here are just a few of my absolute favourite images from the day.