DIY wedding in Somerset | Mark & Rachel

Mark and Rachel's wedding took place on the beautiful Somerset farm where Rachel grew up. And it wasn't just any old farm, it was an Ice Cream farm! So it's fair to say that Ice Cream played a pretty significant role, especially later in the day once people had digested their delicious hog roast. It was a week packed with activities on the farm during a pretty spectacular Wedfest where good friends and close family came in from far and wide, including Australia. One of the only key family members that couldn't make the day was Rachel's grandmother who is the little face you see on the laptop during the bridal preparations, Skyping from down under, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Thanks to the Wedfest, everyone was incredibly familiar and by the time the actual wedding day came around people were so genuinely at ease with one another that the day had one of the friendliest, most relaxed atmospheres I've ever worked in.

The wedding reception took place in a large barn that family and friends had spent over a week clearing and preparing for the day, the detail was impeccably well planned including a parachute in the roof of the barn to create a more intimate environment as well as a chill out area for the oldies!

Here's my favourite, natural reportage wedding photography from this incredible wedding: