Destination Wedding Photography | Michael & Nina's wedding in Enns, Austria

August and September are always particularly busy months for us but this summer was exceptionally so! Most of our weddings take place in Southern England however we still manage to squeeze in a few international commissions each year. August saw my associate photographers Isabel and Graham document a charming wedding in rural France and then I had the pleasure of working with Nina and Michael in the picturesque Austrian town of Enns. It was probably around 35 degrees in the midday sun and without a cloud in sight, absolutely breathtaking.

Sometimes potential couple's ask for a reference and Nina and Mike were kind enough to answer some questions, here's what they had to say:

We were absolutely delighted with Allister’s coverage of our big day. We felt that he perfectly managed to convey the essence and overall atmosphere of the celebration. At the same time has a great and quick eye for details and situations and captured so many magic moments some of which we were not even aware of on the day and were absolutely stunned and pleased to discover on his images afterwards.

Allister had told us in advance that he is the kind of wedding photographer who prefers to stay in the background and keep a low profile, and this is exactly what he did. Apart from the staged group and family pictures we asked him to do, he was almost invisible for us. This attitude also transpires in the many images he captured in which people are clearly unaware they are being photographed – which in our view was exactly what made the images so much more real and lively.

Working with Allister was a pure pleasure. On a day where everybody is generally nervous, we especially appreciated his very professional yet relaxed and reassuringly calm attitude. And we were absolutely blown away with the results!

We can highly recommend his wedding photography services without hesitation and reservation.

Michael & Nina