New Portfolio For Summer 2013

After several weeks of editing and refining, my mid-year portfolio is now in use and getting a very positive response. I edit my portfolio at least twice a year, it's so important to keep portfolios fresh with the very latest work and I felt I had so many images from recent commissions that needed to be seen.

I also wanted to increase the amount of colour work in my portfolio, last year I would typically produce between 60% and 70% black and white wedding photography during a wedding however this last six months has seen me producing steadily more colour work.

This has a lot to do with the latest cameras I'm using which can reproduce colours exceptionally well in very low light. My colour processing has also played a key role - an element of my work that I am incredibly happy with, in fact equally as happy as I am with my monochrome production.

I believe a lot of wedding photographers convert their work to black and white for the wrong reasons. For me, converting a colour image to monochrome has to significantly improve it, better composition for instance or an enhanced focal point because of the loss in colour distraction.

A lot of documentary or reportage wedding photography portfolios are crammed with moody, heavily shadowed black and whites. But weddings needn't be represented like this when opting for a candid style. Why should the term 'documentary wedding photography' or 'reportage' conjure up images of moody black and white photographs? Why not strong, storytelling colour images? This style can offer so much more, giving couples and families a very honest and authentic portrayal of the day.

See the entire selection, 2013 wedding photography portfolio.