Photographer Mentoring & Business Development Programme 2014

Regarded as one of the finest wedding photographers in the UK, Allister Freeman has built a team of respected image and film-making professionals whose talents are in demand at home and internationally. With knowledge spanning multiple areas of photography, video, business, websites, and marketing, our team offers bespoke training and development to aspiring photographers who wish to make their business successful and profitable. The team collectively photographs in excess of 100 weddings annually, and with many years of experience in the industry, we can help you to achieve incredible results. Our programme of mentoring has a history of proven results with wedding photographers like you who have the commitment and determination to develop as creative professionals.

Our training programmes are defined individually following initial consultations to help you achieve lasting results for your business. It takes personal commitment and investment in order to achieve real and lasting results. You will receive dedicated time from both Allister and associate Andy Rapkins.

Here’s what some of our past students had to say:

“My work is now totally unrecognisable, I have a completely fresh way of seeing moments and creating photographs.”

“This is an investment I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an honest and flexible approach to learning.”

“Allister and Andy dissected my portfolio and showed me things about my photography that I had never seen before. Subtle changes that when put all together made a massive difference to the quality of my work.”

“Working with Allister is the best training a professional wedding photographer can receive.”

Other topics covered include:

  • Camera skills
  • Creative / composition
  • Seeing and using natural light and knowing when to use flash Working in difficult / low-light situations
  • Backup strategy
  • Processing & Workflow
  • Portfolio review and development
  • Business Development
  • Website / online presence / SEO
  • Social Media use
  • Business administration and management Offering outstanding client service
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Keeping a competitive edge in a changing market

“I've grown as a photographer, as a businessman and as a person”

“With Andy's tutelage I began to win commissions I would never of dreamed of tackling just a few months before.”

The mentoring programme uniquely includes a great deal of hands-on shooting experience alongside Allister and Andy at their own commissioned weddings. This rare opportunity allows you creative freedom to learn and develop from two top professionals, without the pressure of your own client expectations. You will build your portfolio and a variety of locations including some of the best wedding venues in the UK.

“I can't recommend the team's ability to mentor and improve you as a wedding photographer highly enough. The investment you make will enhance and further your career.”

Business Development

Our aim is to help you build a successful business. Through direct consultations and reviews with Allister, you will build a focussed and optimised approach to marketing, pricing and client delivery. We can provide training on various software systems which will help your photographic workflow and client relationship management (CRM) using systems such as Light Blue, for whom we offer approved training. This individual commitment to develop your business can deliver proven, lasting results as shown by our previous trainees.

Applications, Investment & Payment

We consider applications from individuals who show a willingness to learn and work hard to get the kind of results we want to help deliver. Our commitment to you is full access to the knowledge and experience of our whole team, and the practical experience that can only be gained by working at multiple weddings across a variety of venues.

Our pricing compares favourably with other companies that offer this kind of long-term programme. Where we believe we can offer you more is with the amount of 1-2-1 time, results focused business consulting, regular reviews and real shooting experience which is something very difficult to find elsewhere. With a variety of payment options, the plans available represent excellent value as a means to developing your photography business, payment plans can also be individually designed to work with a student's income and financial commitments.

Simply get in touch to design your package...

If you feel the programme is right for you, or if you’d like to find out further information, you can contact us via email sent to Alternatively, contact Allister by phone on 07971 290743 to discuss your requirements.