Same Sex Documentary Wedding Photography in Headley, Berkshire | Rob & Adam

Rob and Adam's same sex wedding in Berkshire had a fun, family vibe. It all took place in the peaceful village of Headley and was hosted by Rob's brave parents on their beautiful front lawn! Because the couple currently live in Australia planning the day was a team effort but it paid off and is certainly one of my more memorable commissions so far this year.

Many of Rob and Adam's friends made the huge commitment to fly in from Australia - a testament to how amicable these two are.

This was also the first real test for the latest Canon 5D Mark 3 set up I've moved to. The speeches in particular during this wedding were tough, with next to no ambient light to work from. Adding flash during the speeches, for me at least, is an absolute no-no as it attracts far too much attention and alters the entire atmosphere of the space.

With these new cameras I was able to shoot at 8000 to 16,000 ISO and produce professional results. I'm now going into my low light, winter weddings safe in the knowledge that I'll be able to work in much tougher situations than last year.

These cameras are a real game changer, for the documentary wedding photographer at least.

It's fair to say that this wedding was full of people that really knew how to have a good time, this is always good for reportage wedding photography and many of my favourite wedding photography were created during the latter stages of the day.