Jewish Documentary Wedding Photography in London | The Landmark Hotel, London | Shira & Michael

Lighting, as expected, was low and varied, beautiful but tough. Every room offered a very slightly different level of ambience and the very nature of our work is discretion and accuracy, so we don't ever use flash to either light dark areas or simply balance colours when not entirely necessary.

This was also the first time I got to see the fairly new Canon 5D Mark 3 in action and there are some five figure ISO images that have made it into the final cut.

Very impressive. I feel it's only benefit my documentary approach and black and white wedding photography.

We always aim to document environments as they are, it's what ensures we create an honest reflection of the day - no gimmicks, no tacky post production to iron out the creases. Therefore the camera equipment needs to be capable of working in varied and challenging conditions. This means that our style and approach always remain the same.

Needless to say I sold my ageing Nikon gear and went completely Canon just days after the commission, it's something I'll be blogging about in detail shortly (for the photographers and techy brides that follow this blog) so keep posted!

Every now and then you document a London wedding where something really stands out, this time it was the band, and what a band they were! I'd go so fas as to say that they made the wedding reception.

It was quite an interactive approach and really commanded attention, they're a really talented bunch of performers and together with their lighting and production made the later stages of the day pretty spectacular.

Here is a small selection of my favourite London wedding photographs.