Documentary Wedding Photography at Orchardleigh Estate | Elizabeth & Tim

Elizabeth and Tim's relatively traditional wedding took place on Orchardleigh Estate on the outskirts of Frome in Somerset. Their ceremony was in a little chapel on the estate which is probably the darkest church I've ever worked in and at one stage during the service (this is probably much more interesting to the wedding photographers reading this post!) I was shooting at 16,000 ISO with a 1.4 aperture, and even then I was only getting an 80th of second shutter speed. Thankfully the cameras we use are very much up to the task as flash is most definitely not an option during a ceremony, it would be far too intrusive and in my opinion would completely ruin the wedding, let alone the ceremony.

Tim and Elizabeth's intimate ceremony was swiftly followed by a classy drinks reception at Orchardleigh House just a few minutes drive from the church and a venue I know very well.

The reception was great fun with some particularly memorable speeches, fireworks and dancing.

Below are just a few of my favourites from this fantastic wedding day.

Nick & Lizzie's winter wedding at Orchardleigh Estate

At the start of the year I documented Lizzie and Nick's charming little wedding at Orchardleigh Estate in the quiet Somerset town of Frome.

This wedding is typical of those I photograph at Orchardleigh in that it had an incredibly warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for dramatic black and white wedding photography. Obviously this has a great deal to do with the people involved but I like to think that the venue is the perfect setting for this atmosphere to develop.

Orchardleigh is dark, in fact very dark in certain areas and often the lighter areas are still only candlelit. This ambience helps me to work discretely and moreover very close to my subjects. Shooting close allows me a unique and privileged insight into the true essence of a day and is crucial as I aim to create a very personal selection of images for couples.

Nick and Lizzie had their wedding ceremony at All Saints Church just on the outskirts of the estate, thankfully it was held by a wedding photographer-friendly vicar I've got to know and grow fond of over the years.

Here are just a very few of my favourites from this delightful wedding in Somerset.

Wedding Photojournalism at Orchardleigh House | Chris & Michelle

I first met Michelle and Chris in late Autumn last year for their pre wedding photo shoot in Savernake Forest on the outskirts of Marlborough. I took my 8 year old son Ross for a little work experience that day, something that I know I couldn't do with some couples, however I knew Chris and Michelle would be more than happy to have the extra company, they are so incredibly laid back!

The wedding was a fantastic event, as anticipated. All family and friends on both sides were of a similar, relaxed and fun nature. Orchardeigh House is a beautiful Somerset wedding venue and backdrop for any wedding.

Despite the wedding being in the middle of January the drinks reception took place outside. In fact, it was strangely warm and sunny that day, the low and bright winter sun really gave some of the wedding photography produced outside a distinctive haze.

Congratulations Michelle and Chris, from Andy, Allister and Ross!