Documentary wedding photography at St Audries Park

Venue: St Audries Park



As I’m sure you’ll have gathered from our reactions when we came to see our wedding photographs, both Helen and I are thrilled with what you did for us.

You are a master at anticipating and capturing moments and emotions and telling a story with every picture. On top of this, you manage to make each image a thoughtful and interesting composition and a piece of art in it’s own right. I know from experience the talent that this takes to pull off.

You were great to have around on the day too with just the right level of presence at all times. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you and couldn’t be happier that we chose you to document our big day.

All the best

Paul and Helen Williams

This wedding meant a lot to me, in fact I think it'll take a while before it's knocked off my current list of favourite weddings to document. Not only did Paul and Helen have a pretty incredible wedding for me to document but Paul is also a highly talented wedding photographer, so I felt truly privileged to be documenting the wedding at St Audries Park in Somerset - a magnificent venue.

Below are just a few of my favourites from this beautifully subtle wedding.

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