Documentary wedding photography in Wiltshire – Part 2

Part 2 of Emilie and Jamie's wedding in Wiltshire. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

I was recently asked which photographers inspire me to create my particular style of documentary wedding photography.

So, a few words on my inspiration...

Despite there being some amazingly talented wedding photographers around, I try and source my photographic inspiration from beyond the wedding scene. The work of Sam Abell for instance, a fine art documentary photographer, plays a huge role in how I frame and structure my images. His images are always beautifully composed and balanced and he has an exceptional skill for 'layering' the subject matter to strengthen narrative, his images therefore demand a more thoughtful and penetrating interpretation.

Elliot Erwitt's quote "Its about finding something interesting in an ordinary place" is pertinent and describes my ethos perfectly.

But I am probably most mesmerised by Martin Parr's photography, representing society with his unique style, in an often unflatteringly honest but very amusing light. But most importantly for me however, his work is so much more than just aesthetics, it's a study of people, of human behaviour, an aspect I always apply during my wedding coverage. A pretty picture is just that, pretty, a picture can and should be much more.

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