Wedding Reportage - The Time Test

I documented Owen and Laura's charming little wedding in rural Surrey alongside my associate photographer and colleague Andy Rapkins. This wedding has been waiting to be blogged for quite a while, in fact we documented it well over a year ago. Unfortunately due to the number of weddings we do, particularly during the busy months, not all make it to the blog immediately, although we really do try. That said, we will always aim to blog every single wedding we document, regardless of time.

They're all just as important.

It's also very good for us to look back and assess our previous work. I'm really fond of these images for several reasons but one in particular - they're timeless.

Admittedly our post production has evolved, as it it always will. Our colour work for instance has a touch less saturation now. The most important aspect for me is that they're an honest record of the day - no gimmicky production or faddy techniques - always placing substance over style. Every portrait is within context to give the viewer a keen sense of atmosphere and reflect the array of emotions felt throughout the day.

This is the very real test - can a collection of documentary wedding images truly and vividly take you back to the day?

This is what, as a team, we work incredibly hard to achieve. I'm afraid we won't spend hours setting up irrelevant shoe shots, nor will we take you off on a relentless, pre-planned photo shoot around the grounds of whatever venue you decide to book.

We probably won't do all of the group photographs your mother in-law wants either, sorry.

What we will give you is a family heirloom, something that, when the fads have been and gone, will showcase one of the most significant days of your lives, with dignified honesty.

That's all.

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Below is just a little of my favourite Surrey wedding photography from Laura and Owen's at Bury Court Barn.