Holly & Donatien’s wedding at Hampton Manor

Venue: Hampton Manor, Solihull

Holly and Donatien’s wedding at Hampton Manor in Solihull has been one of the more lively events I’ve been commissioned for recently, particularly during the evening with some spectacularly fast-paced moves being unveiled on the dance floor, mostly from Don!

A lot of this liveliness came down to the French contingent – a large number of Don’s family came over to celebrate the couple’s day in style and needless to say, there were plenty of larger than life characters for me to photograph!

For my particular style of documentary or reportage wedding photography, Hampton Manor is an ideal venue. I’ve lost count of how many favourites I have in this set and a lot of this success is down to the venue’s layout lending itself to the more ‘layered’ image.

The staff also do an exceptional job of keeping the day running perfectly but without altering the party atmosphere – so a big recommendation for Hampton Manor if you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding in the Midlands.

Here are my very favourites from this fun little wedding…


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