Natural Wedding Photography

Those natural, authentic, often fleeting moments. 

It’s human nature to not really want your photo taken. You know it’s about to happen and are forcing a smile for what seems like forever. Nothing that has to be forced ever looks that good.

You may have read some of my previous articles describing my documentary style of wedding photography but in a nutshell, I do natural and unforced wedding photography. Other than the odd pre-planned group photo, 95% of the day I photograph genuine moments between family and friends with the intention of portraying the essence of the day.

You and your guests should have more time to enjoy the party and celebrate the day with one another, not having to worry about the photographer tapping you on the shoulder to have another photo taken with Great Aunty Florence, once removed, who is half asleep in the corner! You're paying good money for this ‘party’ so you should be able to enjoy it as much as you can. 

A great natural wedding photographer is one that you should never really notice that much but has the competence to spend the entire day right in the thick of the action without imposing themselves on you or your guests. 

In this article, I've included just a few favourites (which just so happen to all be black and white photos) from James and Emma's beautiful wedding at Brympton House

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