Alex & Emily’s Wedding in Somerset

Wedding Photography In Illminster Somerset_002
What a wedding!

So many memorable elements to this day, slightly eclipsed by Alex’s exceptional moves on the dance floor, inspired. The Quentin Blake theme was a touch of class too, such an incredible artist.

Not the typical preparations to dance coverage on this one, I actually started photographing as Emily and Alex left the church. Needless to say it was an amazing afternoon and evening and I’m so pleased they booked me to photograph their wedding.

Here are just a few of my very favourites…

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Beth & John’s Wedding in Hertfordshire

Hello Allister! Firstly, a great big THANK YOU! It’s impossible to shortlist our favourites to print from all these stunning images you’ve created!

We’ve been staring at them non-stop since receiving them, going back over and over, re-living our day! You’ve made the day completely come back to life and it’s as if we’re right there again! We feel so blessed you were there and that you’ve captured our day so beautifully! Thanks again.

Beth & John

St Michaels Manor Wedding Photography_001

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James & Antonia’s wedding at Notley Abbey

wedding photography at notley abbey_ 002

I had the pleasure of meeting with and getting to know Antonia and James in the months leading up to the wedding, they both put so much effort into planning this incredible day.

Their Catholic service at the Oxford Oratory was simply beautiful, it’s such a stunning building and the light was near perfect.

The afternoon’s drinks reception had some heartfelt speeches, followed by fantastic evening entertainment at Notley Abbey.

I have so many favourite images from this memorable day, here are just a few…

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Vishal & Seemh’s Asian Wedding In Essex

Seemh and Vishal’s exceptionally fun Asian wedding took place at Quendon Hall in Essex.

I love Asian weddings, as a company we collectively shoot between 10 and 15 large commissions each and every year and they’re always incredibly good fun to be part of.

The ceremonies are so intimate and it feels like such a genuine privilege to be welcomed in by the family to document such a personal event. My style of documentary wedding photography is perfectly suited to Asian weddings – there are so many elements to the day and with so few natural breaks, it makes for a really strong sense of narrative throughout final selection of images.

Here a just a few of my very favourites from this fantastic wedding in the picturesque Essex countryside.

Asian Wedding Photography In Essex_002

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In This Moment | Winter Sun

Winter sun is so beautiful to photograph. Fortunately in this instance the bridal party walked towards the church with the sun directly behind and overhead, giving the group of girls perfectly back-lit conditions.

In terms of substance or more ‘moment’, the three layers really put the girls into context wonderfully – the father of the bride in the foreground and the horse and carriage further back, aided by a gentle leading line on the right of the frame.

This subtle storytelling, timing and composition is what makes this image a particular favourite of mine.

reportage wedding photography 046

Camera and Lens Info:

Camera ● Nikon D700
Lens ● 50mm 1.4
Aperture ● F4
ISO ● 400
Shutter ● 1000th