Professional Wedding Photography Albums

It's arrived! ... And thank you so much, the album is everything we had hoped it would be, capturing the essence of the day and the feeling and character of our family and friends, a true treasure.

The details and sense of atmosphere can't be lost now, even if the memory fades around the edges the photographs will bring it all back.

The quality of the photography is outstanding and I hope you never tire of hearing it :-)  We are very glad we chose you, it was effortless ( for us! ) on the day.  Your relaxed, unobtrusive approach meant we could all share in a fantastic day without being on ceremony and it shines out from the album.

The craftsmanship of the Jorgensen album itself sets the images off beautifully and it is a pleasure to hold and look through, it's just such great quality throughout.

People put so much effort and thought into their wedding day and having a moving and wonderfully tactile way to re-live it (soft leather and warm tones) is something I'm so grateful for, and glad we didn't overlook in the planning stages.

Although we will never forget our wedding day, we might have lost fragments of it to the passage of time and now we don't have to.  It's not only photography that you do, it's the preservation of happy memories...for which we are so grateful.

Best wishes

Jenny and Garry xx

Same Sex Weddings | A historic day for equality

The legalisation of same-sex marriages went through parliament last year but it wasn’t until earlier this month that couples could register their intention to marry and in fact not until this very day, 29th March 2014, that couples could legally be married in England and Wales.

“When people’s love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change”

David Cameron.

Campaigners have fought tirelessly for same-sex couples to have the right to get married, and not just in a legal sense but one of outright equality.

Huge congratulations to any couples getting married on this very significant day.