In This Moment | Confetti

I love a good confetti shot. Couples are utterly preoccupied. They’re too concerned about multiple handfuls of petals (and occasionally rice!) being thrown in their faces to even consider they’re being photographed. The resulting images are more than often some of the favourite bride and groom photographs created over the course of a day.

Almost all of the couples I work worth are not necessarily camera shy but certainly camera aware. They appreciate genuine, honest photography and not feeling the need to play up to the cameras. I always suggest doing a confetti shot - not an award static one but a fast, slightly chaotic one, like this :)

And it’s not just the above that makes this fleeting but nonetheless significant moment so powerful, it’s also usually timed straight after the wedding ceremony and you actually see the apprehension, that’s built up over previous weeks, days and hours, release. It marks the end of the formalities and leads couples nicely into the reception and party element of the day.

I love the elation that this images depicts so honestly and sincerely.

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In This Moment | Declarations

This emotional image, featuring Zoe and Julian, was created during a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony in the Victorian Chapel at Fulham Palace in London.

What I love about this photograph is how it depicts the atmosphere and the emotion of the moment with absolute clarity.

It sums up, concisely, what I’m looking to achieve through my documentary wedding photography practice - an honest, authentic and timeless representation of a day. Nothing forced, awkward or contrived.

Emotional ceremony photograph

In 2018 I was honoured to have the image featured in this TV commercial by Penn Medicine in the US, it’s shown around 47 seconds in, worth a watch…

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Camera and Lens Info:

● Fuji X-T1 ● XT56mm 1.2R ● F1.2 ● ISO 4000 ● Shutter 125th

In This Moment | That Bond

This documentary image, featuring Nikki and her beautiful little girl, was created during Nikki's stunning wedding at Chateau de Lisse in Gascony, France last year.

It was such an amazing wedding to be part of, filled with touching little moments like this one which really captures the bond between mother and daughter, and at this very specific time in their lives.


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Camera and Lens Info:

● Canon 5D Mark 3 ● Sigma 85 1.4 ● F2.8 ● ISO 1600 ● Shutter 160th