Wedding Photography In Shropshire | Amy and Thom

I spent ages looking for a wedding photography to document our day, Amy left this task to me as I was being quite particular!

There are so many people out there with thousands of pounds worth of gear but have no idea what so ever! 

It's a minefield. 

mono confetti walk

I stumbled upon a photo of Allister’s on google images and traced it to a blog, then traced the blog article back to Allister’s website - which is a treasure trove of great documentary wedding photography, captured so carefully. I showed Amy Allister’s website and her eyes lit up, she finally understood why I was being so fussy!

colour confetti bride and groom portrait

We didn't get the chance to Allister before the day but our phone calls and emails were more than enough to keep us assured we’d made the right decision. Sure enough on the day Allister was exactly as promised; everywhere at once but nowhere at all - capturing every little moment and detail that would otherwise have slipped by.

funny wedding breakfast place setting

Neither of us like the idea of posed wedding photography, or even having our photos taken at all. What we wanted was for someone to document the day and capture the true 'us' without having to try and orchestrate things. Allister gave this to us in spades and we are so so happy with the results. 

love letter silhouette wedding portrait

He also stepped in to give us a helping hand where needed; we spent ages trying to keep the day from feeling too formal, we wanted it all to be really laid back so that everyone could just relax and be themselves. The problem with this is that we weren't particularly organised! Allister would come out of no where to the rescue and without that it would probably have been a bit of a mess! So thanks for that!

black and white bride dancing

We can't thank you enough Allister. We'll treasure our wedding photography for years to come. 

Amy & Thom