‘Where’s our taxi?’ hissed the love cats

A fantastic little feature on Constance and Alfie made it into the April edition of The Times…

“Lust at first sight” is how Constance describes the first time she met Alfie outside her student digs. He was friends with the students living next door and met her on the doorstep when they both happened to pop outside for a cigarette.

Alfie later invited Constance to his house. “I very gallantly walked her home,” he says. “As soon as her front door shut, I then very ungallantly knocked on the door of my best mate’s house and started boasting.”


Butley Priory Wedding | Christabel & Thomas

In addition to all the glowing comments about Allister's talent and affable nature, we'd add that the quality of engagement in the run up to, and during the wedding, really put us at ease (essential during that hectic period).

The quiet attention to detail regarding suitable backdrops, balancing the range of skintones, natural lighting, even the dampness of the soil after the recent rain, is all reflected in the beautiful pictures...

Christabel & Thomas

butley priory wedding portrait

Caswell House Wedding | Joanne & Paul

Thank you for capturing our wedding day so beautifully! You really get a sense for how relaxed and fun the entire event was.

We are absolutely in love the photographs!

Thank you again!

Joanne & Paul