Olli & Naomi’s Wedding at Pynes House in Devon

Thank you so much for our wedding photographs! They are absolutely incredible and you have captured our day exactly as we want to remember it.

We really can’t express in an email how pleased we are with each and every one of the pictures. So much happiness and laughter captured so beautifully by you – they make us smile every time we look at them!

You were a brilliant addition to our wedding day – a calm presence who always happened to be there at exactly the right time to capture every moment.

Hope you are well and thank you again!

Naomi & Olli

Wedding Photography At Pynes House in Devon 001

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My Best Reportage Wedding Photography of 2015

What an incredible year!

I photographed just shy of sixty weddings of all faiths and sizes, right across the UK and as far overseas as Northern Cyprus, meeting some exceptional people along the way.

Here are my 30 favourite moments from the year.

Volume and brightness up, best viewed full screen and full HD.

In This Moment | Let’s Dance!

One of my favourite first dance shots of all time.

This was a very dark environment – a marquee with a black ceiling and very little in terms of ambient light directed on the front of the couple.

The stage lighting, which was continually rotating to the music, as well as the reaction the groom is giving to the crowd, came together perfectly in this one split second. The resulting photograph takes me right back to the moment, instantly and with absolute clarity, despite this image being created almost 7 years ago!

The cameras I use now would have rendered this image with much more precision, more clarity and less noise. For me however, it’s more about that split-second moment and how an image makes you feel, even this many years on.

reportage wedding photography 009

Camera and Lens Info:

Camera ● Canon 5D Mk 1
Lens ● 24mm 1.4
Aperture ● F1.4
ISO ● 3200
Shutter ● 125th

Ali & Alex’s Wedding in Sussex

Really enjoyed shooting this one. Alex is a super talented photographer so it was a great privilege to document such a momentous day.

Their traditional church service took place at St Peter’s in Wisborough Green, Sussex. This was followed by a sunny drinks reception in Alex’s parents garden.

We loved working with you, Allister – Thank you for capturing our day so absolutely perfectly. It was such a pleasure to have you there with us on the day… and we love the photos!

Alex and Ali

Reportage Wedding Photographers Sussex_001

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Alex & Emily’s Wedding in Somerset

Wedding Photography In Illminster Somerset_002
What a wedding!

So many memorable elements to this day, slightly eclipsed by Alex’s exceptional moves on the dance floor, inspired. The Quentin Blake theme was a touch of class too, such an incredible artist.

Not the typical preparations to dance coverage on this one, I actually started photographing as Emily and Alex left the church. Needless to say it was an amazing afternoon and evening and I’m so pleased they booked me to photograph their wedding.

Here are just a few of my very favourites…

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Beth & John’s Wedding in Hertfordshire

Hello Allister! Firstly, a great big THANK YOU! It’s impossible to shortlist our favourites to print from all these stunning images you’ve created!

We’ve been staring at them non-stop since receiving them, going back over and over, re-living our day! You’ve made the day completely come back to life and it’s as if we’re right there again! We feel so blessed you were there and that you’ve captured our day so beautifully! Thanks again.

Beth & John

St Michaels Manor Wedding Photography_001

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