A Little Taste of Italy...In Somerset

"Words simply cannot express how delighted we are with our wedding photographs. They are truly wonderful and really capture the magic and emotion of the day so beautifully.

Thank you so much for giving us this amazing visual record. You were a joy to have around and we were very happy to have you share our day.

Thank you for everything."

Robert & Michelle D'Ovidio

This wedding is very different to the last in that the images have much less initial impact. Instead, it features highly considered photography focussing on exceptionally delicate moments.

For me, this almost makes it stronger than a wedding full of 'wow factor' images, at least in different ways. It's stronger in a subtle, less obvious manner. A wedding 'simplified' - stopped down to the one thing that's most important in life - family.

Therefore, this small piece of reportage focusses on very personal, touching, often fleeting moments; some particularly warming, others incredibly poignant and heartfelt. Certainly an event that I felt incredibly proud and honoured to be asked to cover and one that brought a tear to my eye on several occasions.

Robert's family are Italian and so the wedding featured charming elements such as the "D'Ovidio Coffee Shop", which trust me, I made the most of.

However, my favourite Italian touch was having the soundtrack to the Godfather mafia films playing at the church. For those of you that haven't seen the trilogy (or in my opinion, the much better first two, if we're going to get geeky), the music is particularly eerie and spine-tingling, perhaps a little macabre too but at the very same time intensely captivating, especially when played note-perfect on an old church organ.

This music means a lot to the family, Robert's side in particular, and so I've given the option of playing the music (not for iPad/iPhone) whilst looking through the photography. It's your choice.

All featured images were selected with the help of Megan whose been on work experience with us this week. Megan's done exceptionally well and clearly has a sharp eye for editing.

Megan, if you're reading this blog and are not sleeping, texting, eating crisps or listening to Mumford and Sons - well done!