A Little Wedding In Mono

Having an image converted to mono is an area of our post production that we pay particular attention to. We shoot everything in colour, so the choice of whether images then remain in colour or are converted to black & white wedding photography is always an artistic choice - mono can dramatically improve the focal point of an image for instance, as well as composition.

Black and white processing often simplifies an otherwise cluttered image with too many distracting elements and can greatly improve the purpose of the shot by clarifying the 'moment'.

Colour is incredibly important for documentary wedding photography too and can (and should) comfortably sit alongside black and white wedding photography.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Scott and Jenny's wedding for instance - with less than 15 people in attendance (including the couple and their 3 children) was naturally immensely intimate. It wasn't showy or status-driven, it was just very modest and touching.

The various moments I observed that day I knew were particularly private and during the processing I felt it demanded a more 'raw' form of presentation. I didn't want any distractions, I didn't want the processing to stand out or take any glory, something that I always have in mind when working in colour however, there's just something a little more pure about mono, and it suited these images.