A New Year's Goal (Not Resolution)

A new year brings with it the perfect opportunity to set resolutions, both business and personal. It’s a healthy tradition and ensures perspectives are kept in check.

My resolutions, like most people, often revolve around living a more healthy or sustainable existence - more exercise, being greener, having a better work/life balance, eating healthier and more ethically, etc.

The difficulty for me is that my early enthusiasm and commitment for these resolutions always dwindles in the summer months, when photographing weddings consumes my life. 

So this year, I’ve set something up that will work all of the time, even when I’m utterly engrossed in the world of weddings! Only this isn’t a resolution, this is a goal, and one that I will aim to improve year on year.

Actually, this is something that began last year and due to its success I wanted to share further with the hope that, by inspiring other wedding professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs, similar systems are implemented, helping to drive change.

It’s quite simple really, each time an individual recommends me and that small act of kindness results in a booking, I donate £100 towards a cause of that individual’s choice. This cause could be in the form of a charity close to their heart, a particular plight or rescue efforts in relation to national and international disasters that need funding.

My motives are sincere, I won't profit from this. My business is at a stage where many of my bookings are achieved through referrals, which represents no cost. I simply want to see that my money has greater, more positive consequences.