Reportage wedding at Priston Mill

What an incredibly tough wedding to edit down for the blog, I have so many favourites. Becky and Richard's wedding at Priston Mill, on the outskirts of Bath, was fantastic. In fact, they've been a pleasure to work with from start to finish and have had complete faith in my ethos and photographic style.

I was free to document their wedding with my unconventional approach. Ultimately, I've been able to provide them with very genuine, honest and stirring photography, almost from the same perspective as a guest.

There are several photographers that I take inspiration from, maybe their technique or approach for instance. However none of them are in the wedding industry, which is saying something.

I like images that look a little closer and require a degree of interpretation from its viewer. Much more than a snapshot. By having influences outside the wedding scene I am able to offer customers what I know to be a totally unique product - my unconventional approach.

A photographer and subsequently the photography, needs creative depth. The fact is, wedding photography can be so much more than the lacklustre imagery currently saturating the market, more importantly however, it can represent much more of an investment for the couple.

Fortunately, my customers are all very aware that wedding coverage should be more than a pretty picture of the bridal shoes.

Thank you so much for our photos - we absolutely love them! They're beautiful, honest pictures and capture the entire day and our emotions perfectly!

When we've shown them to family and friends, everybody's commented that they didn't even realise you were taking their photograph, which is a testament to your style of photography, professionalism and relaxed approach.

Thanks again

Becky and Rich