Charlotte & Jeremy's wedding in Egerdon, Kent

Some nice words from some nice people....

"Having viewed the work of several well known photographers, my husband and I were struck by the professionalism, quality and free expression shown in Allister’s work. Warmly welcomed and instantly at ease in his company, we knew on discussing what we wanted that Allister was more than capable.

On the day of the wedding, on time and immaculately dressed, Allister, despite the pre-wedding chaos that every bride can testify to, moved discreetly around the house capturing those key tender and candid moments that will forever mean so much to my family, all the while never once making us aware of his presence.

At the church and later at the reception Allister’s diligence never faulted providing us with a truly marvellous array of photographs that we will treasure forever. Indeed Allister’s style was so relaxed that he was on several occasions mistaken for a guest which must act as testament to his unobtrusive nature.

I mean every word - we all think your fantastic!"

Charlotte and Jeremy

Wow! Thank you very much to Charlotte, Jeremy and both families. I documented their beautiful wedding in Egerdon, Kent recently and below are just a few of my favourites...














For the photographers following my Canon to Nikon switch - this is the very last Canon post, watch this space for the new Nikon work...(very pleased)