Wedding Photography in Taunton

Stuart and Claire, together with their closest family and friends, have been charming to work with. Documenting this incredibly authentic and family-orientated wedding in Somerset is up there with my very favourites of the year. These modest, more subtle weddings are so nice to look back on on, they're always highly personal and touching with an emphasis on the people rather than the detail! Something that doesn't happen at enough weddings in my opinion.

I fully appreciate the need to have nice detail however what will be more important to couples in 30 to 40 years time, perfectly wedding pictures of flowers and place settings or a poignant series of portraits, often featuring late relatives and close friends? I know which I'd prefer.

Claire and Stuart's wedding ceremony and reception took place at Taunton School in Somerset, this traditional boarding school is steeped in history and has been hosting weddings for the last ten years.

Claire was also gracious enough to send me this feedback in the comments below:

I love our wedding photography - it's exactly what we wanted and so many friends comment on how they tell the story of our day so perfectly and beautifully without a detail missing.

You are right about the family and friends as they were the most important part of our day and you cleverly captured every single one of them in at least 1 photo.

We can't tell you enough how thrilled we are - I look at them so regularly because they help me to replay the most perfect day.

We are so grateful to you for these memories. X

Claire McKenzie-Rock

Here are my favourite reportage wedding photographs from this simple, elegant and honest little wedding in Somerset.