Day In The Life Shoot, London | Vivian & Michael

We've had an incredibly busy June and July with our latest associate Andy excelling and beginning to book up for next year. Joshua has also been incredibly busy and between us we've been well into double figures for commissions this month alone - sadly my blog has suffered as a consequence! The plus side is that I have a lot of stunning weddings waiting to be blogged. In the last month we've documented events ranging from a huge Hindu celebration over several days in north London, to a classy three day Anglo-American wedding at Babington House in Somerset - all in addition to the imminent arrival of Joshua and wife Becca's baby girl who's due date was...errm, yesterday.

A fun filled month!

So, with plenty of weddings soon to be blogged, I thought I'd feature one of my recent 'Day In The Life' shoots.

A few weeks ago I got to work with Vivian and Michael during their shoot in and around London. I'm doing more and more of these lengthy, documentary-based portrait sessions that can take place pretty much anywhere, the quirkier the better.

Dotted in and around my documentary portraiture will be a few very relaxed poses to break things up but, on the whole, the shoot is very relaxed and unstructured - play-by-ear so to speak.

When we've finished in one spot we just jump in a cab, get on the tube or bus and go to the next location - Picadilly, South Bank, Hyde Park, Covent Garden, etc, etc. Essentially, don't take it too seriously and have fun.

Thanks sooooooooooo much. We both love the photos! Looking at them reminds us of how we enjoyed the day.

Vivian and Michael