Family Portrait Photography In Surrey | Sarah, James, Francis & Patch

This very fun portrait photography session was held at Woldingham School in Surrey.

I'm actually the wedding photographer at James and Sarah's wedding at the school in May this year so this was really their pre wedding photo shoot.

However, it inevitably turned into a really hyper and fun 40 minute portrait photography session with (mainly) the help of little Francis and the very photogenic Patch.

James and Sarah have chosen the black and white photograph of them altogether to be mounted and displayed during the evening wedding reception at Woldingham School for guests to sign - a really nice memento which couples often return to me after their wedding as we offer traditional oak framing.

Very much looking forward to being their wedding photographer in Surrey shortly, as with all children orientated weddings I am sure that it will have a warm, welcoming atmosphere to capture and reproduce in the wedding photography.