In This Moment | Take five

Karl and Orla's wedding was just beautiful, I have so many images from their 2013 wedding which still have pride of place in my wedding photography portfolio. For me though, this image is by far my favourite. It was created during a ten minute 'walk and talk' halfway through the drinks reception - a simple process to help in the creation of exceptionally natural portraiture. For just a few moments Karl and Orla sat along the edge of the field, it was a particularly sunny, dry August that year so the conditions were ideal.

For me, this image represents what this stage of the day is about - taking a moment and spending a precious 5 to 10 minutes with each other before the second half of the day kicks off.

Love this.

reportage wedding photography 070
reportage wedding photography 070

Camera and Lens Info:

Camera ● Canon 5D Mark 3 Lens ● 85mm 1.4 Aperture ● F4 ISO ● 200 Shutter ● 640th