Documentary wedding photography at Monkey Island, Berkshire

Venue: Monkey Island Feedback is incredibly important, after all, it's such a subjective, personal product that we're producing. So it's always nice when something like this appears in the inbox.

This lovely bit of feedback was from Jamie and Emma - married at St Mary's Church in Denham with their reception at the charming Monkey Island Hotel in Bray, Berkshire.

"To dear Allister

I’m not sure either of us can sum up the words to thank you enough for our beautiful wedding photography. It sounds terribly gushing but very true. I am sure you could tell by our reaction when we saw you during the previews!

We can’t stop looking at them, and I don’t mean simply because we're dressed up and looking nice but because of the unbelievable story they tell, pin pointing real moments of emotion and capturing a feeling through each and every one. We are amazed at how you have done this.

For all those brides and grooms wanting hundreds upon hundreds of pretty but posed pictures of the two of them, you're missing out!

What you do is something so special, looking at the pictures is like being at the wedding again and very emotional!

Thank you for braving the incredibly cold day, and fitting in so well to the wedding too, we felt like we hardly saw you to be able to take all these pictures!"

 Jamie and Emma

Below are just a few of my many favourites from Emma and Jamie's wedding day.