Lindsy & Paul | Reportage Wedding Photography In Sussex

"...Allister, thank you for the photos, we just can't stop looking at them!"

I first met Lindsy and Paul nearly two years ago, they are such a charming couple and I've really enjoyed working with them and their very welcoming family. So when they made the two hour drive up to the studio with both sets of parents - I was delighted. We had a good laugh and they had a little cry going through the slideshow of the day several times then they all went for Sunday lunch in the local village pub.

On the wedding, the threat of heavy rain was present throughout the day, it was also incredibly windy as we were so close to the coast. Thankfully, it didn't rain too much, if it had we would've had that lovely sideways, cold, headachy rain!

There were loads of kids at the wedding, so plenty of unpredictable, amusing moments to capture. What I love about being a wedding photographer is that no two weddings are the same, different venues, families, weather, circumstances, it keeps you on your toes by making you really look for shots. I would never try and recreate images shot at one wedding on another, I want to capture totally unique images during each commission.

And yes, those are two little feet sticking out of the mat...