Little Dudley House - A Wedding In Mono

I've always had a bit of a love affair with black and white wedding photography.

Without the distraction of colour, mono images are often more straightforward for the mind to make sense of at a glance; lines and structures appear clearer, subject matter more dramatic and engaging.

Removing this 'layer' means that colour is not the first thing to catch the eye. This unmasking makes subject matter much more prominent, in addition to the enhanced structure, tone and composition.

Typically 60% of my final product is black and white, some commissions more, some less. I shoot everything in colour and it's only during the final stages of editing, even after I've processed everything in colour, that I then make the decision of whether a wedding photograph should be black and white. I need to know that images have reached their potential during my colour processing. Only then, and if the black and white conversion is a significant improvement over the colour, will the decision be made.

There's a beautiful honesty to dramatic black and white wedding photography, something frequently masked by colour. It's a raw, personal and thought provoking way of looking at the world.