A Little Kentucky Wedding In Mono

This is in fact my very own sister’s wedding, she’s lived in Kentucky for the last few years and so it was an honour to be able to be her wedding photographer. My three daughters and son also played key roles in the wedding, which made it even more special for me. The weather was absolutely scorching with the sun directly overhead for most of the day, it made for very interesting, often high-key images, which I love. The light, which often produced long shadows and plenty of lens flair, had bags of character.

The day ran incredibly smoothly, Justin and Gemma were aiming to have a very candid day with more of a party atmosphere than a wedding. Other than my youngest daughter Georgie, who played the role of a flower girl, getting uncomfortably close to the action during the church, it went perfectly!

I shot almost all of this wedding in my documentary style of wedding photography and although I shoot everything originally in colour, I’ve favoured black and white for all of my images here to really draw out the light and tones.