Natural wedding photography at The Elephant Hotel

Venue: The Elephant Hotel

"Allister, you are a truly inspirational artist. From the moment I set eyes on your work, I knew you had to be the one! Your unique, stylised imagery had me completely captivated.

Our wedding was never going to be a grand affair and I remember worrying that Allister was way out of reach and that no other photographer could compare. Pure desperation encouraged me to pursue him though.

I don't quite know what I expected but when Allister agreed to a bespoke package, I was absolutely ecstatic. I had a permanent smile on my face for days!

Allister is such a sincere, genuine guy; a complete breath of fresh air. His calming aura is infectious and you automatically feel comfortable in his presence.

Originality along with informality was the key focus of our day as we wanted a wedding tailored to our personalities. With moments of both emotion and humour and it certainly delivered, as did Allister’s photography.

His patience and unassuming nature allowed him to capture truly special moments, some of which have a wonderful obscurity.

His ability to accentuate an atmosphere is absolutely magical.

He has an awesome talent, in fact, utterly exceptional.

Our expectations were certainly exceeded and for that Allister, we are eternally grateful."

Louise and Murray