In This Moment | Happiness

I know, I know, it’s hardly a documentary wedding image is it? I’m afraid the couple didn’t just happen to fall perfectly onto that patch a beautifully back-lit grass during their drinks reception. I almost always take my couples for a quick photo shoot during their drinks reception in order to create a handful of portraits of just the two of them. I do these portrait sessions in a very relaxed fashion, for instance I wouldn’t dream of setting them up in an awkward, unnatural pose. These shoots are really a simple walk around the grounds nattering and the photographs are a bi-product of this walk and talk. This sort of portraiture works effortlessly in my documentary coverage without any risk of clashing with wedding reportage produced before or after this portrait session.

Can I really class this as ‘a moment’? Yes, absolutely. And a stunning moment at that as for me, and I’m almost certain for the couple, this image is able to sum up the entire wedding.

It was such a happy occasion, in fact probably one of the most infectiously positive atmospheres I’ve encountered at any wedding. You could feel the admiration for the couple throughout the day, which was immense.

Next week I'll post a 'real' documentary wedding photograph but for now, here's one of my favourite images of recent years...

reportage wedding photography 002
reportage wedding photography 002

Camera and Lens Info:

Camera ● Canon 5D Mark 3 Lens ● 85mm 1.4 Aperture ● F4 ISO ● 400 Shutter ● 2000th