In This Moment | That Light

Blenheim Palace is and always has been one of my favourite wedding venues in the UK, it's quite simply breathtaking. This beautiful moment was captured during a wedding we photographed there several weeks ago, in fact it's the next wedding to be fully featured on the blog, I just couldn't resist posting this little preview.

John and Mamta had recently finished their ceremony and were walking around the incredible grounds at Blenheim, the moment they walked into the main square the light, colours and tones just came to life, it changed the scene completely. It became much more representative of the day (and couple) especially when they turn to look at one another, I knew it was a keeper then.


Camera and Lens Info:

Camera ● Canon 5D Mark 3 Lens ● 24mm 1.4 Mark 2 Aperture ● F4 ISO ● 200 Shutter ● 200th