The New Fujifilm X-T1 | My Initial Thoughts On This Great Little Camera

Over this last week I've been changing the way I document not only weddings but my personal work in the form of a beautifully engineered mirrorless camera from Fuji. Before I write an in-depth article on this clever little camera, which will discuss it's ability as a camera for professional documentary wedding photography amongst other things, I wanted to share a few initial thoughts after a week of both professional wedding photography and personal use.

Firstly, it's a beautiful thing!

I've never suffered from so called 'gear lust' and have always been a firm believer in a camera simply being a tool for the job, nothing more. But there's just something about the new Fuji X-T1 that inspires you to create images, it has huge character and likability, much more so than your run of the mill Canon or Nikon, as efficient as they are.

Ok, it's certainly got it's weak points which I'll go into more detail about in my full review. I'll also be the first to admit that I did not like this camera to start with, in fact I was certain it was going back to the shop. In a matter of days I realised that I could not stop using the thing and I'm now completely hooked, especially having seen the incredible files the X-T1 produces.

How does the Fuji X-T1 fair professionally? I wouldn't hesitate to use it on a commission - wedding or commercial, and a high pressure one at that. In my opinion it's the best X Series camera Fuji have made to date. The build quality of the bodies and lenses is second to none.

Full article will be on here shortly, so keep posted!

Here are a few family images made over the weekend, shot in JPEG mode (I've never seen a camera produce such nice JPEGs as the Fuji X-T1). All created on the Fujinon 23mm 1.4.