Reportage Wedding Photography in Winkfield

Dear Allister

I was always resolute on what style of imagery that I wanted to document the occasion and choosing you as our photographer was one of the easiest decisions of all to make after just sampling a small snapshot of your craft. We were sold immediately!

Both Gary and I knew that we could see in your repertoire an ardent and talented artist at work. Somebody that held dear a clear and salient vision that mirrored our own.

No gimmicks! No awkward, stiff portraiture! No posing! No waiting around and no loss of flow. This was our expectation of how the events of the day would be captured on film and that is exactly what we encountered – executed by an unwavering, emotionally intelligent, personable and creative professional.

Storytelling is integral to my role as a reception teacher – capturing and documenting learning and development as it unfolds, therefore, it was even more meaningful to myself as an individual to adopt this concept as an approach towards capturing moments in time on our wedding day.

By choosing you Allister, we are now in possession of a seamless set of intimate and truly stunning images. Images that are so multifaceted in their depth and discourse. I am especially touched by the respect for the given environment and the profoundness of emotion captured.

The wide shot taken of the guest waiting in the church before any proceedings have taken place – is truly spell bounding! It’s like I can feel the anticipation building and I was not even present! As for the ‘walk’ pictures – sublime!!! Your ability to capture humour and quirkiness also blows me away!

I will never tire of revisiting our special day through our images. Every time I return to look at any given picture I see another aspect or layer that I had missed before. The images speak to me in resounding ways and I will always be grateful for the fine work that you have achieved for us to enjoy for evermore.

Yours thankfully,

Selina and Gary