Our research (beer tasting) trip to Brussels

A few months ago, before the wedding season well and truly consumed me, I went to Brussels on a little research trip with my talented colleagues Isabel Maria and Andy Rapkins.

Brussels is utterly captivating, from the gritty Romany market place to the beautiful cobbled streets that seemed to go off in all directions, it’s a street photographer’s dream. The cafes also happen to serve the finest beer, we can testify!

Joking aside, the purpose of our little research trip was that we’ll soon be offering international street photography workshops to not only our long term students, but also a handful of delegates that would find the course beneficial, so we really wanted to get a feel for the place.

The workshop will be over several days and will include not only photography but editing, processing and presentation, followed by critique. Each delegate will have a unique project to focus on and subsequently produce a small photo essay about. There will of course be plenty of socialising and informal business and photography chat along the way.

The course is very much in the planning stages but you can still register your interest now and we’ll be sure to email you when further details are available. We're only planning to take a maximum of 5 delegates.