Natural wedding photos at Taplow House

Allister Well, what can we say?.....We have looked through our wedding photographs again and again, and are still left speechless at their excellence.

After our superb pre wedding shoot, we knew that our wedding photographs would be stunning. However, the photography you have created for us is absolutely outstanding, we can't wait to share them with our families.

Every shot has a little story to tell, a wonderful moment to remember and conjures up a great array of positive emotions. All put together, we are left with the most spectacular account of our wedding day. As someone once aptly put; a picture taken by you certainly speaks a thousand words!

When we started to plan our wedding, we were acutely aware of how important choosing the perfect wedding photographer was to us. We wanted somebody who could not only take great shots, but also a photographer who could mingle with our guests and make everyone feel at ease. It was clear from our first meeting that we need not look any further.

Your professionalism, unobtrusive style and deep passion for this type of photography were commented on by all guests at the wedding. Furthermore, your kind manner and friendly attitude bowled everyone over and made your presence at our wedding truly special.

We are absolutely delighted with the results and so thrilled that we have found such an amazing photographer that we can work with in the future as we document more special moments in our lives. What a little gem we've found!

Simply saying ' thank you' doesn't feel quite good enough when trying to convey our appreciation for encapsulating our special day, but we'll say it anyway, with deep sincerity....

Thank you very much.

My motivation comes from creating meaningful images for my customers. Positive, honest feedback from my customers is incredibly motivating and something I strive for.

...Craig is one of the funniest people I've met and worked with in a long, long time, he has the ability to turn a roomful of adults into giggly little children. The wedding had a brilliant atmosphere and I knew it would be a great day cover.

Rosalyn & Craig had their wedding at Taplow House in Buckinghamshire after their church service. Their wedding was a bit of a breather for me as the day before I had documented the first installment of a large Vietnamese wedding which continued the day after Rosalyn & Craig's rather tranquil day!