St Paul's Cathedral + Hello! Wedding | Linda & Ade

I think it’s important I say I was really nervous about picking a photographer, my mum was a professional photographer and working in the public eye and I’ve worked with a lot of different styles of photographers

As much as I loved Allister in person and loved his work on the website, I was still anxious to see how the photos would turn out - I’m very particular and not very easy to please!

With that in mind, I’ve been utterly blown away looking through the 300+ photos.

I never imagined that photographs could make me cry so much but it felt like I was re-living our day and it was just so beautiful.

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queens house Wedding Photography

From the moment we started speaking you’ve been a breeze. Responsive, understanding and easy-going. We wanted photography that interpreted the emotions and vibrance of the wedding day authentically, and you’ve absolutely mastered that!

Allister, not only did you capture the intimate moments of our wedding day, but those moments were beautifully framed and focussed, you have such a great eye and talent for post-production too because the colours, tones and textures are gorgeous and natural throughout.

You made us feel so utterly relaxed, something that really comes across in the images. You’re a truly experienced and extraordinarily talented photographer and artist, thank you again!

Linda & Ade