Tariq & Alexandria's Narnia themed wedding at Aynhoe Park

Venue: Aynhoe Park

"We're so thrilled with the final images of our wedding day.


"Every stage of the day has been shot beautifully, we're especially delighted that you managed to capture those intimate and emotional moments that are so special to us.

Your professionalism and discreet manner made all the photography natural and un-staged - exactly what we had hoped for."

Tariq and Alexandria

Tariq and Alexandria planned an incredible wedding at the jaw-droppingly offbeat, eccentric and altogether fantastic Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire.

The amount of snow that fell during the previous night and on the wedding day itself meant that over half the wedding guests couldn't make it, let alone many of the suppliers. I only just managed to get to the wedding venue, which took me four hours instead of the usual one.

As pretty and enchanting as the snow was, especially during a Narnia themed wedding, it was surprising how little natural light there was. This was both good and bad. Bad, because we couldn't get outside for any portraiture, which would have been stunning. But really, very good, because the ambient light inside the venue came alive - it was intensified; rich colours, tones and structures which just added to Aynhoe's spectacular theatrical settings.

Therefore, even though Alexandria and Tariq's wedding couldn't go as planned, and I really felt for them, the wedding was nothing short of spectacular.