The Hospital of St Cross Wedding | Sabina & Ben

Sabina and Ben’s wedding was just lovely. As a documentary wedding photographer, I always look to photograph the atmosphere of a day authentically, this includes honestly depicting characters and relationships in my work and whilst I know that all of my customers are utterly in love, Sabina and Ben really did show how happy they were to be getting married.

Wedding at the hospital of st cross confetti

Our day was perfect despite time flying and before we knew it, the first dance was over and everyone was laughing and dancing the night away.

Allister captured each element of the day so effectively and put the pictures together in a way that felt as if you were reliving each step of the wedding, from getting ready, arriving at the church, the laughing and smiles throughout the entire service, the reception and speeches as well as the twirling in the first dance.  

He was a pleasure to work with and so inconspicuous that we didn't even notice him taking the photos. 

Thank you Allister for capturing our day and providing us with the memories we will treasure for the rest of our lives!

I know that Sabina and Ben will look back on these photographs fondly for years to come, but it was particularly nice to have an email come through from Ben’s mum. Thanks Jennifer!

Here are just few of my very favourites from Sabina and Ben’s wedding at The Hospital of St Cross in Winchester, Hampshire.

A delighted 'mother of the groom ' here! 

Ben has just sent the photos. Wow. Whatever you charge it is worth every penny! What a wonderful record of a fabulous day! 

We look forward to having a thorough look and deciding what to order in due course!

Thank you so much for doing such am amazing job. 

Best wishes,