Wedding Photography Tuition & Business Training

Last week was exceptionally busy, we not only had the daily running of a wedding photography business during peak season to contend with but the training side of the business has really hit the ground running. Last week also saw Joshua Archer, my associate, who I've been mentoring since the start of the year become a full time freelance photographer with me. His images, and ultimately his approach to making documentary wedding photography is excellent.

The aim of my completely tailored, one-to-one wedding photography tuition and business training is to give aspiring photographers very direct and appropriate advice, hence the one-to-one training.

I'm not looking to spend the day showing photographers how to suck eggs - my photography tuition is aimed at giving completely individual advice where required - effectively you get to ask me anything you want but in addition I will be thoroughly assessing your business - from creating a strong, distinctive style through to getting deposits - from the foundations up.

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This allows me to then offer my advice constructively and with explanation by breaking down all elements in a logical and thorough fashion. Most importantly however, you will leave the studio with a sense of direction, knowing that you're going to be managing your future time and effort effectively.

My aim is to give aspiring photographers the correct building bricks to make a long lasting, profitable business and to show people how all elements of a wedding photography business work together. What I am not offering is wedding photography lessons.

This is a specialist, individual focus on an individual basis, not a crash course in taking photos but a comprehensive construction and concise guidance for you and your business philosophy and aspirations, and is designed to succeed.

"Hi Allister

Just dropping you an email to say how good it was to meet you and to thank you for the advice and inspiration that you provided. I now realise how all of the aspects of business interlink and have a much better idea of how I can raise the profile of my wedding photography business and actually make something from it! To say that the fog has been lifted would be an understatement!

I hope you are well and again, thank you very much for your advice."

Chris Burnell

@cburnellphoto "Big thanks to @allisterfreeman for an interesting, thought provoking and throughly shattering day! Recommended to anyone though. Brilliant!"


Chris has been a pleasure to get to know, he spent the day at the studio last Friday and we went through his entire approach; from camera and technical advice through to marketing strategies worth investing time and money in. A few of the areas in brief that we comprehensively worked through are

  • Camera and lens technical advice
  • Creating and defining a unique wedding photography style that will stand the test of time
  • Wedding photography - from making professional documentary wedding photographs through to taking formal group shots and insuring they work within your coverage
  • Workflow - editing your images and defining a post production style that will compliment and finish your work
  • Marketing, brand building and PR - generate work online and offline, paid and for free - run your business with the most appropriate, cost effective and ultimately profitable marketing techniques
  • Wedding packages - appealing packages that have the correct products from the correct suppliers, designed with costs, business growth and development in mind
  • Business strategies - pulling all elements together to make a successful, profitable wedding photography business that appeals to it's target customer

To book a one-to-one training session simply get in touch via the main website